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Connor Hanna

Connor Hanna serves as an AmeriCorps Serve Member at Washington Elementary.


Originally from Ipswich, Massachusetts, Connor came to Illinois in 2011 to attend the University of Chicago with hopes of becoming a teacher. While at school, they volunteered with the Neighborhood Schools Program, helped found the Dirt Red Brass Band, and studied French literature and music composition. After graduating in 2015, Connor joined Y.O.U. as a Summer Inspire Fellow and then remained with the organization as an AmeriCorps member at Washington Elementary. Along with their regular work in program, they particularly enjoy supporting youth in critically examining media representations of different cultures and identities.

Outside of work, Connor listens to and writes songs and music in various styles in search of a definite and intentional creative voice, usually focusing on mental health, gender, and self-creation. They can often be found biking around Rogers Park, Evanston, and especially near the lake, as their coastal life has left a special place in their heart for bodies of water.