Join Y.O.U. this summer and join the fun!

Y.O.U. believes summer is a time to explore the world and develop new interests, all while having fun!  Our Summer Learning Program engages youth in experiential learning in four areas: arts and culture, literature, science and technology, and sports and recreation.

In the summer youth build robots, practice dance routines, read and perform works of literature, play basketball, and go on weekly field trips. Alongside this experiential learning, youth participate in life skills workshops in the areas of healthy relationships, civic leadership, independent living, and health and nutrition.

Studies show that participation in summer enrichment programs like Y.O.U. can lead to a five month learning difference for students when they go back to school in the fall. In other words, intentional, curriculum-based summer learning programs make a dramatic difference in youth’s academic success. Summer programs also keep kids safe and help them build important social and emotional competencies.

Goals: Our summer program is based on four core goals:

  1. Relationships: Our counselors will build deep, transformative, caring relationships with youth that improve their resilience, social competence, and emotional health. We will realize these relationships through low youth-to-staff ratios, youth-driven activities, and intentional opportunities for mingling and reflection.

  2. Learning: We will provide youth with structured elective activities in the areas of arts and culture, literature, science, and technology. These electives will be based on best-practice out-of-school-time curriculum, which promote learning acquisition. 

  3. Leadership: We will provide youth with daily life skills training to build age-appropriate competencies around healthy relationships, civic leadership, and independent living.

  4. Health: We will support youth with nutrition workshops and provide structured opportunities for exercise and exploration.

To learn more about our summer program and how to enroll, please contact your school's Y.O.U. Afterschool Program Manager by clicking here.