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Nicki Pearson

Nicki Pearson has been a Board member since 2006 and is a former member of the Executive, Governance and Advancement Committees at Y.O.U. She has been involved in the Evanston community for many years.

Nicki_Pearson.jpgNicki’s biggest passion is kids. In 1982 she co-founded Rose Hall Montessori Preschool in Wilmette. When her son was a student at ETHS, Nicki was active in the PTSA and served as a volunteer on many committees.

Over the years Nicki has been a member of the Board of Directors of several Evanston nonprofit organizations whose work is focused on meeting the needs of children, including the McGaw YMCA, Warren Cherry Scholarship Fund, and Childcare Network of Evanston. She has also served on numerous committees for the City of Evanston. Nicki considers herself to be a serious political junkie, having been involved in many municipal and school board election campaigns.

Nicki and her husband, Greg, have been proud Evanston residents for over 45 years. Their son, Matthew, is a graduate of ETHS and is currently practicing law in Colorado. Nicki is crazy about dogs and would love to find time to volunteer at the Evanston Animal Shelter sometime in the future.