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Alynn McCormick

Alynn serves as the Youth and Family Counselor at Walker and Edison Elementary Schools.

ALYNN MCCORMICK.pngOriginally from New England, Alynn McCormick completed her undergraduate education at Smith College in 2012 where she studied Sociology and American Studies. From there, she began her career working with children as a middle and high school art teacher in the Mississippi Delta. Alynn’s experiences within and beyond the classroom led to her commitment to personal expression and creative processes as a catalyst for individual empowerment and social change.

Alynn moved to Chicago in 2016 to pursue a Master of Arts in Counseling and Art Therapy at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Since then, she has worked with youth and families in a wide range of settings including a community mental health agency, an inpatient pediatric psychiatric and medical hospital, a continuing care community for older adults, and public schools. Working from a trauma-informed, person-centered approach that is both dynamic and relational, Alynn emphasizes trust and relationship building with clients. In this context, art is used to foster connection, promote reflection and personal expression, and facilitate interpersonal communication. She utilizes a non-judgemental approach that prioritizes the needs and strengths of the individuals while working together to foster strength, healing, and growth.

In her spare time, Alynn enjoys baking, traveling, art making, spending time in nature and with friends, family, and her dog, Rock.