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Joe Frumkin

Joe serves as the Afterschool Program Manager at Edison Elementary School. 

Joe can easily be described as a hardcore learning nerd who is always seeking out new topics to explore and finding new interests to share. While attending the University of Illinois and DePaul University, Joe thought he wanted to be a research biologist as he studied Animal Behaviour in first salamanders and then sharks. He quickly realized, however, that he found more joy in engaging and encouraging his students to explore science. Learning is a two way street; not only did he enjoy introducing youth to science, but youth, in turn, taught him through their endless curiosity and passion. At this turning point, Joe spent two years at the Shedd Aquarium as a Guest Engagement Specialist where he worked to develop public hands-on learning engagements with guests. Soon, he grew to miss being in schools and the connections he would build with youth and their families, which brought him to seek out this role with Youth and Opportunity United. He is honored to be part of such an amazing team. In his spare time, he is a music enthusiast, an amature photographer, a national and state park traveler, and a Dungeons & Dragons player.