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Justice Murray

Justice serves as the Afterschool Program Manager at Lincoln Jr. High. 

Justice-Murray.jpgJustice began their youth work in 2015 at an Afterschool Program on the West Side of Chicago. Through leading Tutoring and Youth Leadership programs, they developed a person-centered approach to support students. In their work, Justice is committed to creating more genuine human connections and meeting people wherever they are in their life journey.

Justice earned their master's degree in Youth Development Leadership from the University of Minnesota in 2019. They are passionate about creating engaging learning experiences that provide opportunities for participants to become more aware of their bodies and get in touch with their whole beings during the learning process. Justice is dedicated to setting up learning spaces where everyone feels comfortable embracing their unique selves.

When not working, Justice loves to spend time embracing their creative spirit. This includes walks by the river, coloring, writing, and learning how to play guitar.