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Laura Savage

Laura serves as a Serve Member at Washington Elementary School.

Laura-Savage.jpgLaura was born and raised in the City of Lakes, in south Minneapolis. She made her way down to Chicago during her years as an undergrad at Beloit College where she studied International Relations and made many Chicagoland friends. After graduation, she worked at a nonprofit in Jalisco, Mexico and at an immigration law firm in St. Paul, MN as a bilingual legal assistant. She eventually pursued a Fulbright scholarship to Malaysia where she served as an assistant English teacher before the program was suspended early due to the pandemic. She followed her heart back to Chicago once more and found a wonderfully supportive community at Y.O.U. Her goal is to pursue a master’s in education and inspire a future generation of globally-aware citizens through education and innovation.

During her free time, you can hire her for a freelance photography and videography project or spot her on a jog or long bike ride in the forest preserves and maybe listen to a tune on her harmonica.