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Bobby Serwa

Bobby serves as a Program Coordinator.

BOBBY SERWA.pngBobby was raised on the Northwest Side of Chicago and graduated from Illinois State University with a B.A. in Philosophy. He has had a wide variety of jobs from groundskeeper, to lifeguard, to supervisor. His interests are equally as varied: he was a Boy Scout, basketball, baseball, rugby, and volleyball player and runner. He has also volunteered at St. Benedict’s Nursing Home and the Bloomington Community Bike Project. He discovered through these different interests and jobs (and by helping out with his nephew and young cousins) that he did his best work helping children grow and succeed, and wanted to bring that drive to Y.O.U. and the community. Currently, he enjoys reading, writing, cooking, meditating, engaging with the Chicago music scene, and hiking, camping, and canoeing (when the weather permits).