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Elizabeth Wolfson

Elizabeth serves as Program Coordinator.

Elizabeth is passionate about youth education and loves to create programs that speak to her  Elizabeth-Wolfson.jpg
interests and her students. She graduated with her Ph.D. in Art History and Archaeology from the
University of Missouri-Columbia, where she worked as an art history instructor and writing
tutor. After earning her degree, Elizabeth became a preschool teacher at a creative arts institution
where she transformed herself from an academic historian to a creative educator, designing
inquiry and project-based programs for Columbia youth. She also taught K-2 Sunday School for
a Reform synagogue, worked as an educator for the University’s museum, and volunteered at a
local art gallery that provided the Columbia community with arts education.

After spending nearly a decade in Missouri, Elizabeth felt it was time to return to the Chicago
suburbs, where she grew up. She absolutely loves creating and facilitating programs with
Y.O.U., for it has allowed her to live out her dream of positively impacting the lives of young
people. In her spare time, Elizabeth enjoys petting her cats, watching movies with friends, and
going on walks with her parents.