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Jordan Metter

Jordan serves as Y.O.U.'s Program Coordinator at Bessie Rhodes School

As a lifelong and former collegiate soccer player, sports has always been an integral part ofJordan Metter.jpg
Jordan’s life purpose. After graduating with a BA in communications from University of Iowa in
2014, Jordan spent a lot of time in various countries throughout South America immersing
himself in local communities, volunteering, working, and learning Spanish & Portuguese. After
finishing his Master’s in Innovation of Tourism Marketing from UCAM (Universidad Católica de
Murcia) in Spain in 2017, he began on his path focused towards social impact among
underserved communities and youth through the creation of a community organization in the NE
of Brazil. He also is an experienced ESL teacher, teaching English as a foreign language in
various environments and countries.

Jordan believes that sports, education, and intercultural learning are some of the most effective
tools to help expand one’s mind and provide more potential opportunities for all, especially youth. He
has extensive experience creating grassroots organizations and brands that aim to unite,
empower, and support youth in underserved communities globally. Most of this experience is
within the social innovation sector within sport, education, and entrepreneurship.
Jordan is passionate about having new experiences, being immersed in new cultures, learning &
teaching languages, photography, traveling, design, and connecting with people. Jordan’s ultimate
belief is that collaboration is the key to growth and innovation leading