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Teresa Cortas, LCSW

Tersea-Cortas.jpgTeresa serves as the Director of Clinical and Outreach Services.

Teresa has over 25 years experience as a director, advocate, and clinician.  Driven by the needs of low-income and homeless youth and families, Teresa has worked in Washington DC, Los Angeles, Anchorage, Alaska and in Chicago's Uptown community.  As Director of the Salvation Army Evangeline Booth Lodge for 14 years, Teresa facilitated a program expansion, doubling the number of homeless family units from 32 to 64, serving 240 people a night.  In addition to being a graduate of University of Chicago Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy, and Practice, Teresa worked for 9 years as an adjunct faculty member, teaching second year masters students in social service administration.  Teresa loves living in Evanston, spending time with her daughters, and maintaining a small private practice.