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Fall 2022 Program Registration

We are so excited for our fall program to begin soon. As always, families can expect a safe and engaging afterschool program that provides academic support, social-emotional learning, enrichments, and fun. This school year, Y.O.U. will offer:

  • A free, in-person program offered at no cost to families
  • Continued adherence to COVID-19 Safety Protocols + Guidelines
  • A wide variety of structured learning and enrichment opportunities
  • Daily snack and homework help/academic support
  • Field trips + additional engagement experience

Please select the link below that corresponds with the school that your student will be attending in Fall 2022.

Elementary Schools

Dawes Elementary  Oakton Elementary  Walker Elementary  Washington Elementary 

Middle Schools/Junior Highs

Chute Middle  King Arts Magnet Grades 3-8  Nichols Middle  Old Orchard Junior High 

High School

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Check out program offerings below!:

Advisory: Open to Freshmen, Juniors, and Seniors. Advisory is designed to help you figure out your plan and make it a reality! 

For Freshman: How to build a path towards your goals throughout your high school years. Freshmen Schedule: M  2:30-4:00P & W 4:00-5:30P

For upperclassmen: Designing a plan for post-graduation including 1-on-1 college support from a coach, college application process, and planning. Junior & Senior Schedule: T & Th  4:00 - 5:30P  

Art: ActivismA place to discuss current events and activism, create and share poetry and art,
and collaborate on projects in the community. You will have opportunities to meet local leaders and artists, lead community initiatives, and take the mic on issues that matter most to you. Schedule:  M  4:00-5:30P

Y.O.U. Dance ExchangeWhether you danced your whole life or are a TikTok dancer in your free time. Join us for professionally-led dance classes ranging from Hip-Hop to West African. Schedule: Fridays  3:45 - 5:00P

Food, Farming, Future (F3): F3 works in partnership with The Talking Farm to build and maintain Y.O.U.’s urban garden. Students will work on and learn about all aspects of managing an organic garden. Grow seedlings, create crop plans, harvest produce, and explore environmental justice issues. Students will also have the chance to mentor and teach skills to elementary students and, through lessons on entrepreneurship and business development, create a business model to sell produce from the garden. Schedule:  T & Th  4:00 - 5:30P

Photoshop EssentialsLearn basic photo editing skills and then create a poster to showcase your work at Y.O.U. for the Diverse Communities United Celebration on Martin Luther King Day with the potential to enter your poster in a Youth Arts Contest.  Learn photo editing skills such as layering multiple images, using masks, blending, transform tools, and more while making a sleek poster.  Stipends of 50$ available for students who attend all four weeks of instruction.  Schedule:  Wed  4:00 - 5:30P until December 14th

Study Hall/Homework Help ("SHH!"): All enrolled youth are expected to participate in SHH! once a week. Gain homework support from free tutors and Y.O.U. staff. Schedule: M-Th 4:30 - 6:00P

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Y.O.U. welcomes all grade-eligible youth into our programs. You can find our Non-discrimination statement here.