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Olivia Landon

Olivia serves as the High School Program Coordinator at Y.O.U.

Olivia Landon.jpgOlivia Landon is a queer creative with professional experience in bilingual education, digital media, & video production. She grew up in Evanston before pursuing a BA in Critical Theory & Social Justice (CTSJ) and Media Arts & Cultures, with emphases in post-colonial, feminist, and queer studies at Los Angeles's Occidental College. Olivia explored cultural studies in classes like the History of Race in Latin America and Critical Theories of Sexuality while writing and editing for The Occidental and supporting Los Angeles High School students with 826LA and The Neighborhood Partnership Program. Olivia's thesis at Occidental investigated themes of consent, non-consent, and sexual violence in queer and heteronormative fan fiction. Then in her final semester, Olivia joined School for International Travel's Youth Literacy, Culture, and Media program in Nicaragua and Cuba, where she researched tensions and relationships between the Ortego-Murillo regime and feminist and LGBTQIA* activists.                                                    

Since returning to the Chicago area, Olivia served as an AmeriCorps volunteer, teaching Adult ESL at Instituto Del Progreso Latino before freelancing as an afterschool program instructor, production assistant, producer, and news and entertainment writer. Olivia tries to apply her CTSJ foundation to everything she does, from navigating big personalities at television studios and getting to know her students, ages 4 to 92, to obsessively dissecting every reality television show ever made. Whether in classrooms, newsrooms, or on set, Olivia believes in storytelling as a springboard for curating intersectional cultures of care.