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Diverse Communities United 2021

Screen_Shot_2021-01-16_at_6.02.21_PM.pngMonday, January 18

Diverse Communities United (DCU) is Y.O.U.’s  annual youth-led community event celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy and vision for a peaceful, just, and equitable world.

In January 2021 we are not able to gather at ETHS for our usual DCU program, but we cannot let this important day go unrecognized. We hope you enjoy this DCU video message, join us in celebrating this year’s Legacy Award Winners (read more on them below!), and take action against social injustice.

Diverse Communities United 2021 Video Message!

Presenting Y.O.U.'s 2021 Legacy Award Winners

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Y.O.U. has witnessed its devastating impact. DCU’s Student Committee chose to honor three friends and supporters of Y.O.U. who have made extraordinary efforts to ensure food security for local families. Please make sure to watch the DCU video message to hear their acceptance speeches. 


Chef Q
Chef Q is a Y.O.U. enrichment partner, providing culinary arts education to Y.O.U. youth. Last March, Y.O.U. opened our kitchen to Chef Q. In this space, she has prepared for more 25,000 meals for families economically impacted by COVID.

Clarence & Wendy Weaver
The Weaver’s C & W Market and Ice Cream Parlor shares the block with Y.O.U., and Clarence Weaver serves on Y.O.U.’s Board of Directors. The Weavers have distributed groceries and other supplies to families on a regular basis throughout the pandemic.

Hecky Powell
Hecky Powell strongly believed in nurturing the next generation of leaders, and he dedicated himself to the Forrest E. Powell Foundation and the Evanston Work Ethic Program to invest in the future of our young people through mentorship, ongoing education opportunities, and career guidance. 

He was a true community leader who took action to make a lasting impact. Hecky  was the heart and soul of Evanston, and he will be forever missed.

Take Action

Y.O.U. encourages our communities to continue making revolutionary change. 

The DCU committee created a list of resources that you can watch, listen to, and read as small steps to push you on your way to making change. We also provided a resource so you can easily support local Black businesses which will advance racial justice and equity in our community.


13th the documentary 

“How to Overcome Our Biases? Walk Boldly Towards Them” TED Talk

Listen & Read

When Calling The Po-Po is a No-No

My Father Stood For The Anthem, For The Same Reason That Colin Kaepernick Sits

103 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice 

Support Black Businesses

Check out this list of local Black businesses compiled by the Daily Northwestern

These action items were found at and we encourage you to visit their website for a whole list of ways to take action.