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Y.O.U. clearly states our support for the rights of immigrant children and families.

Published: July 12, 2019

With the expectation of ICE/Homeland Security deportations announced for this weekend, Y.O.U. wants to clearly state our support for the rights of all human beings, and especially the rights of children and families. Y.O.U. does not support the current practices, and we reject any mistreatment of families and children. The family separations that are taking place and the inhumane conditions at border detention facilities are simply unacceptable. Y.O.U. is specifically concerned and outraged with the trauma that is being inflicted on our youngest children and the impact this will have on their development, well-being, and safety. 


As a means of empowering our immigrant communities to fight back against any deportation force, ICIRR and member organizations coordinated and created the Family Support Networks throughout Illinois. The purpose of the ICIRR Family Support Network (FSN) is to unify, build and coordinate a full range of support – legal, social services, ministry, law enforcement, and political action – for all families being torn apart by our immigration system.

For community resources on ICE raids click HERE.

Call our Family Support Hotline

(1-855-435-7693)  English/Spanish/Korean/Polish


Red de Apoyo Familiar

​Conectando a las familias con información confiable e inmediata, referencias a servicios legales, ministeriales y sociales.

Llame a nuestra Línea Directa de Apoyo Familiar

(1-855-435-7693)  inglés / español / coreano / polaco