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Y.O.U.'s Continued Commitment to Racial Justice

Published: August 27, 2020


Y.O.U. is heartbroken by the shooting of Jacob Blake, a Black man and father, shot by Kenosha police in front of his children. We grieve with the Evanston community over the tragic violence against Jacob and his family. We continue to believe and affirm that Black Lives Matter and hope there is justice for Jacob.

Y.O.U. will play our role in leading, supporting, and participating in efforts to make Evanston and Skokie more equitable and just communities by addressing racism and other systemic injustices. We will examine the work of the organization to ensure that our programs best support and improve the life outcomes of youth. We will work with our staff to develop policies and actions that ensure an equitable, anti-racist work environment. We are resolved to examine and understand our own biases. We also will continue to deepen our own work as organizational leaders to ensure that all of our decisions are made with Y.O.U.’s values of equity and diversity in our hearts and minds.

Y.O.U. will do this in acknowledgement that, like our world, we are a multiracial and multicultural organization. We commit to working together, to listening and learning, to stepping forward, and to speaking up and speaking out.


Letitia Mann                                                               Craig Lynch     

Chair, Board of Directors                                             Chief Executive Officer