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Y.O.U.'s Summer Program Begins

Published: June 14, 2021

Y.O.U.’s Summer Program begins today! After more than a year of virtual and hybrid
program options, we cannot overstate how amazing and important it is to be together again
in person with our Y.O.U. youth. This summer, Y.O.U. will serve 400 youth through our
essential mix of out-of-school-time program offerings. Our Summer Program will serve as a
critical bridge to the fall as youth prepare for the return to full-day in-person school. As
always, we will provide age-appropriate learning experiences and opportunities to have
some summer fun!

Y.O.U.’s Summer Program will include science experiments, urban gardening, book clubs,
social justice projects, graphic design, high school transition preparation, and dance among
many other offerings. We have partnered with our four school districts to design program
schedules and options that best meet the needs of students.
Y.O.U. also is participating in this summer’s My City Your City Our City initiative to expand
safe community-based opportunities for youth in Evanston. Y.O.U. will help support 50
nights of drop-in and programmed opportunities for high school youth from 6-9pm on
weeknights at select community centers. The first kick-off event had 350 people in

We look forward to sharing the successes of this summer with you.